So long! Helka’s litter
Aug 08, 2012 – 11:17 AM | No Comment

We are proud to announce the birth of three little miracles (Galga, Gercse and Gemenc) on August 31 by Chankazz Helka and Galla-Hegyi Nótás! Read more on the page for our G litter!

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Andi and Helka featured in DDD blog
May 08, 2010 – 12:20 PM | No Comment
Andi and Helka featured in DDD blog

Recently Andi and Helka were featured in “Agility: an exciting and lively dog sport” post of DDD blog. The interview with Andi can be read here.
A brief excerpt, which has really made my day …

Csilla’s agility promotion
May 07, 2010 – 2:09 PM | No Comment
Csilla’s agility promotion

We received news from the Netherlands that our little Csillám (Csilla) has moved up one grade in agility!
Well done, Sandy and Csilla, keep up the good work!
Last week, Csilla got her last promotion point …

Deli and the sheep
May 02, 2010 – 10:45 PM | No Comment
Deli and the sheep

Our little Deli has tried his luck with herding and as you can see from this video he really enjoyed his time with the sheep. And after the hard work…from the sheep pen to …

Apr 27, 2010 – 8:36 PM | No Comment

In lure coursing, dogs chase an artificial lure across a field, following a pattern that is meant to simulate live coursing.
A typical lure course is between 500 and 1000 meters long, and may incorporate …

Apr 21, 2010 – 10:09 PM | No Comment

Flyball provides an entertaining and active way to interact with one’s dog and other dog lovers in an environment that is fun and allows the dogs exercise and enjoyment. It is especially a great way …

Helka wins “Tordas-zoo” winter agility cup
Apr 18, 2010 – 4:56 PM | No Comment
Helka wins “Tordas-zoo” winter agility cup

We are proud to announce that Andrea and Helka came first in the Medium category of the 2009/2010 “Tordas-zoo” winter agility cup!
Although according to owner and trainer Andrea they are “still in the training …

Agility and pumis
Apr 08, 2010 – 4:40 PM | No Comment
Agility and pumis

Many thanks to Andrea Szabó for her assistance in writing this article.
Dog agility is a sport in which a dog moves through an obstacle course with the guidance of his or her handler. Originally loosely …

Herding pumis
Apr 02, 2010 – 1:33 PM | No Comment
Herding pumis

The herding instinct in pumis is a behavioural trait that most people think has been bred “into them” over the past two hundred years or so. On the contrary, the herding instinct exhibited by dogs …