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Veresi Akácos puppy philosophy

At Veresi Akácos Pumi Kennel we only breed one or two litters per year, when we as a family determine we have the time to properly care for, socialize, and place a litter. We are a HOBBY, not a business – the difference lies in quality vs. quantity.

We strive to produce quality working dogs with excellent temperament, soundness, intelligence and type. We breed with versatility and the currently valid breed standard in mind. All our pumi puppies are eligible to be registered with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Our puppies

Our litters are carefully planned, we know our bloodlines, study pedigrees and select those dogs who will compliment the bitches that we have chosen to mate. Our dogs are very precious to us and we take great care to ensure that our bitches are in the peak of fitness and the best of health before we consider mating them. All our breeding stock have been cleared of hip dysplasia and luxating patellas, and have excellent conformation show results. We breed our own bitches only to stud dogs meeting the above criteria.

Our puppies are born and raised in our home, so they can become accustomed to day-to-day life in a busy family. They are provided a safe and clean environment where they are watched carefully and receive lots of human as well as other dog contact. All of our puppies receive early neurological stimulation exercises from day three until day sixteen, which impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than would be normally expected. They receive individual attention, as well as group play on a daily basis. Beginning at four weeks of age the puppies have supervised daily playtime outdoors, where they can run and explore to their hearts’ content. Lately we have been placing special emphasis on making our puppies familiar with the environment they will face when doing agility. Whether you are planning to to agility with your puppy or not, you can be sure that the puppy will only benefit from playing in our mini-tunnel, mini-see-saw and mini-dog-walk…it greatly helps them with balance and proprioception (knowing where all the parts of your body are)!

Puppies are wormed every two weeks and are vaccinated at 6 weeks. Dewclaws, if present at birth, are carefully removed at three days of age by our vetenerian. All of our puppies go to their new homes with microchips inserted, a full pedigree, a puppy kit (collar, toy, 1 kg of puppy food), pet-passport (export puppies only) and a written contract. Our contracts guarantee against inherited genetic defects which make the puppy unsuitable for the intent for which it was purchased. However, our pumi puppies are not merchandise which can be guaranteed to function in a prescribed manner nor can they be discarded or replaced if they suffer from ill-health or other problems. A dog is for life and you have to be willing to make the time, invest the effort and take the emotional, practical and financial risks involved in loving and caring for a vulnerable living creature if you consider buying a dog from us.

Who are you?

The happiness and well-being of our puppies is our number one concern! We CHOOSE to sell most of our puppies as loving companions to individual or family homes. We are looking for homes where dogs are valued for themselves first and foremost, and not for their achievements in conformation, work or sport. That’s the added bonus. Nevertheless, we recommend basic training for all of our puppies and encourage participation in dog sports and shows.

When you are buying a Veresi Akácos pumi puppy, you are to a large degree becoming part of our extended family. Whether the pups are used as herding companions, show or agility competitors, kept outdoors or are couch potatoes, we want them to be part of a family and would like to be informed about important events in their life. We will contact you from time to time as to how the puppy is progressing and will look forward to you sending us pictures and keeping us appraised of the puppy’s progress. For this reason, under absolutely NO circumstances will a puppy or adult be sold or consigned to pet shops, other commercial dealers or offered at auction. Our dogs should never be regarded as status symbols, consumer goods or children’s toys.

Therefore, we carefully screen our buyers to assure our pumi puppies are properly matched to the lifestyle and personality of their new home. Therefore, we would like to know as much about you, your household, your schedule and your ability to properly care for a puppy (throughout its entire lifetime), as you want to know about our puppies. Please don’t be offended if we ask you lots of questions or ask you to come and talk to us in person.

Please be informed that for your own benefit, we are unlikely to place a pumi puppy with couples unexperienced with dogs expecting their first child or with children under the age of 2. Life with young children is hectic enough, you don’t need to add a rambuncous pumi puppy into the mix. When considering introducing a puppy into a family with older children, you, as responsible puppy buyer, will never ask the question “is this breed good with kids?” Instead, you will ask yourself “are my children good with pets?”. The same applies for homes with pets. We are kown to have successfully placed pumi puppies into homes with other pumis, other dogs (like kuvasz or labrador retriever), cats and even rabbits, due to our socialization programme and the efforts our puppy buyers took with introducing their new pet into the pack.

No cash-and carry policy

Since we are breeding to further improve our breeding program, not just to produce puppies, we do not always have pumi puppies readily available. This means, that you may have to wait months or longer for a Veresi Akácos puppy. Deposits are taken only after we know puppies are on the way. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable unless we don’t have a suitable puppy for delivery at 8 weeks of age. Even if we DO have puppies available, we don’t encourage impulse buying. If we believe there is no suitable puppy for you in our litter, we will ask you to wait. If you love this breed as much as you now think you do, you will not support “cash-and-carry” breeders.

Your puppy

Choosing your puppy will take time and some thought, but we are here to help you. We will pick the puppy that we believe is best for you. Each puppy is an individual with its own unique style and we rely mainly on observing and interacting with the puppies, instead of scientific puppy tests, to determine their individual personality traits. We may make recommendations for or against a particular puppy in the litter. Since we normally do not set up the final evaluation of a puppy before 6-7 weeks, we will not know which puppy to recommend you until after that.

Don’t worry about getting the last-pick puppy – each and every puppy in our litters receives all of the necessary care and attention that they need in order to grow up into happy, secure adults. Also, please don’t be demanding that you get the “pick” of the litter unless you intend to show the dog (and even that’s no guarantee – in fact, many top-winning show pumis were originally bought as pets).

Your chosen puppy will be available for pick-up earliest at 8 weeks of age and after all the documents (pedigree, contract, pet passport, etc.) have been sorted out. By this time, you should have arranged everything in and around your home for a smooth welcoming of your new puppy. Whether you are coming by car or air, a puppy carrier is needed for the safe transportation of the puppy, along with some dry and wet towels in case a little accident happens during the journey. If you are coming from far away, we are happy to arrange an airport transfer and a one-night stay for you. It is best to spend some time with your new puppy getting to know each other before embarking on a long journey.

The promise

We will take ANY dog we have bred or owned back, at ANY time, ANY age, and for ANY reason; however, a refund will not be issued. We make this stipulation because we are aware of the desperation that can set in when ill health or changed circumstance force owners to part with their pet. We care passionately for all our puppies however old or in whatever health they may be and we believe that we have a lifelong duty of care and protection to those vulnerable individuals that we chose to bring into the world. Also, we believe that the animal rescue organisations exist to help those less fortunate dogs whose circumstances leave them homeless and without care and protection, each puppy that we breed we seek to place in a loving and permanent home and if circumstances should change we provide a safety net for them.

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