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In memoriam

Making a page like this is truly the most difficult task I can imagine, and always takes a lot of time due to the memories that come up.

  • Ebugatta Sikkes

February 5th, 1997 – July 4th, 2006
Breeder: Adrienn Bártfai (Ebugatta Kennel/HU)

Pumi bitch Ebugatta SikkesSikkes was the founding bitch of Baba-Yaga kennel (breeder: Zsolt Fodor, Vasad) and was one of the first pumis "rescued" by the Pumi Rescure Service in 2004, who found a temporary home with my family. She was already seven years old and the sudden changes in her life turned her into an insecure and panicky bitch. We had only just met her when one morning, seeing us leave for work in our car, panic overtook her and she jumped over our fence. She had been missing for three days before we were luckily reunited in a schoolyard some 11 kilometers from our house. After that, I didn’t want to rehome her anymore, so she became my second pumi. We had spent two wonderful years together and she taught me a lot of things about pumis before she lost her life in a tragic accident one summer afternoon. Being an instinctive bitch, she could never resist a good chase, especially if a frightened cat was involved. A car hit her and she died some seconds later in my arms by the road. She was buried in the nearby field, where we used to go on our long walks, and where I believe she was happiest, roaming free as her ancestors did in the vast distances of the Puszta. Although we never bred Sikkes (that was not the idea), she was the mother of 22 pumi puppies born in Baba-Yaga Kennel (B, D, E and F litters). Her titles include HJCh and HCh, and she was an active competitor in herding contests.

  • Tanyaszépe Cimbora

October 21st, 1995 – November 29th, 2007
Breeder: Miklós Urbán (Tanyaszépe Kennel/HU)

Samoyede male Tanyaszépe CimboraCimbora, alias “Sammy”, this exquisite samoyede dog arrived into our home just after his eight birthday. He was caught by the local dogcatcher and was in an awful state: he was suffering from and eye infection, pnumonia and his coat was so badly tangled up that it took us a month of grooming before we noticed the tattoo on his belly and found out who he was. We wanted to reunite him to his previous family, not being able to believe that someone would throw out such a loving dog. For all the effort, however, we were unable to trace down his owner, so he stayed and became our first dog and the start to a series of adventures. He is a true samoyede, a clown or a hero, a bodyguard or a shy baby…whatever you want. His story was published as a series of short stories in the Hungarian “Nordi” Magazine (news magazine of Northern dog breeds). He died a sudden, painless, natural death in our home.

  • “Scott”

1972 – ?

German shepherd male ScottThis page is also dedicated to the loving memory of a faithful friend to my father, a German shepherd, whom I know just by the name of “Scott”. You will not find extensive breeding data on this page – this is not important, since Scott never became a champion or the founder of famous bloodlines. I know nothing of his pedigree (though my dad says that he still has it “somewhere”), only that he succesfully instilled in my father the enthusiasm for dogs that, during my childhood, I also became infectedwith. I had Scott’s pictures framed and hanging on my wall in my room when all my friends had posters of boybands, even though I never actually met him. By the time I was born Scott had been rehomed due to essential changes in my parents’ lifestlye – it was impossible to move into a fourth-floor 50 sqm flat with Scott. Soon after that my parents lost contact with his new owner, so we never got to know what happened to him in his later life. But my father never missed an occasion to take me to a dog show or recite the numerous stories about Scott and my sister, or Scott and the unfortunate chickens, or the adventures of Scott on the Budapest underground. He wanted me to grow up to be a person who understands, trusts and respects these wonderful creatures, for which I am more than thankful to him.

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